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Pampas Grass / Maiden Grass Pre-Spring Care

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If you’ve left your ornamental grass tall during the winter, now is the time to cut them back before new blades begin to grow into the old ones.   Pampas grass should be cut down to 12-24 inches. Fountain or Maiden grass should be cut down to about 10 inches. If you wait too long and see new growth, be sure to trim above the new growth.


Maiden and Pampas Grass

If the plant has gotten too large for the space or if you see a dead spot in the middle of the plant mid-Spring, it may be time to divide.

Some tips when cutting back ornamental grass:

  • Be sure to use gloves and wear a long-sleeved shirt as the blades are sharp
  • You can use a bungee cord or a tightly knotted rope to gather all the blades to make it easier to cut
  • Depending upon the girth of the plant, you can use anything from shears to a power cutting tool for the trimming (remember to wear protective eye wear)
  • Pull any dead blades from the center of the plant.


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