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New Home Construction Landscaping Tips

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new home constructionAs the Atlanta real estate market heats up, we’re beginning to see a lot more new home construction.   If you’re one of the lucky ones who recently purchased a newly constructed home, congratulations!  Most new construction homes offer a professionally landscaped yard that looks great at closing.   After you’ve unpacked and settled in, you need to take a long look at your landscaping.  You may find that the shrubs and trees that have been planted are too close to the house.  Sure they look good now, but in just a couple of years, you may be battling them to keep your landscape looking good.

When contemplating the placement of your trees and shrubs, keep in mind the natural form of the mature plant.   If it is planted too close to the house, once it reaches maturity it might not be an enhancement, but a detriment and a lot of maintenance work as well.

One example would be large-leaf hollies, such as Nellie Stevens, that can grow up to 2-3 feet a year, and may mature to a width of 12 feet.   Crape myrtles are also frequently planted too close to a home or driveway.  The dwarf varieties should be at least 4 feet from any structure; other varieties should be 7-8 feet.  Even smaller plants like monkey grass, should not be planted right at the edge of your sidewalk or drive way.  Allow 16 to 18 inches from the edge for the plant to grow into the space.

New ConstructionWe also see builders of new home construction planting trees pretty much in the middle of the front yard, or too close to the sidewalk or driveway.   We talked about weak turf in our last blog post.  You may want to move that small tree now, before it is established, to another location if you prefer lawn over a large mulch area.

It’s worth the effort to know what is planted in your landscape and how the plants should look when they are mature.  It’s much easier to move them during their first season of planting rather than waiting until the roots are firmly established.

If you would like a quote on a maintaining your landscape, or just assistance with a single issue, SEL can help.   We can make the recommendations and do the work to ensure that your lawn and property look their best – winter, spring, summer and fall.

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