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I Like Big Blooms – I Cannot Lie

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Sitting on the porch and watching the birds and butterflies with a big glass of sweet tea (or beverage of your choice) is a favored way to pass the time. Butterfly bushes will not only attract butterflies and moths, but they also attract humming birds and other beneficial insects.

butterfly bush

Butterfly Bush Blooms

If you love your butterfly bush, you’ll like them even more with bigger blooms. How do you get bigger blooms? Pruning is the answer.

Butterfly bushes are very hearty plants and grow rapidly, so unpruned bushes can quickly become unruly. You can do general pruning (removing dead/broken limbs back to the point of origin), lateral trimming, and trimming to shape any time.

A more severe pruning should be done in the winter months, just before spring growth begins. If you reduce the size of the plant now to one-half or even two-thirds, it will encourage new growth in the spring.

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